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This is a fascinating book. Once you start reading you can't stop. The feelings and fear of the character's are like they're your own.

Norma Jeanne

The only way to leave Level Five is inside the belly of a beast.

McBrid understands the dangers of working on Level Five in Professor Conguise’s laboratory. Even the smallest mistake—a miscalculation, a momentary loss of focus or unsatisfactory results—can mean the end. Not the end of a job or a career but the end of his life.

The problem is he didn’t make a minor mistake. He killed the most important creature in the lab. Now, he must scramble to create a new Aranea.

He’s done it before and he can do it again. Only this time he must choose the right host because the new giant spider mutation must be smart, fast, deadly and willing to obey—if that’s even possible. He’ll soon find out if there is anything left of the person once the parasitic DNA takes over and if there’s not, he may just end up her dinner.

“The subtitle is truly correct in labeling “Feeding Fersia” disturbing. It is. Conguise is just messed up. I found “Fersia” to actually be more unsettling than “Riverman” and really am not sure what to expect in Book 3, but I can’t help myself — I just have to find out where this is all going! So hard to leave these books. I just can’t put them down!” — shortwork

“L. S. O’Dea has done it again with this her second volume in the Conguise chronicles, Feeding Fersia. She has written yet another book which I had to read in one sitting right through the night. I thought I would just take a peek at the introduction of the book but before I knew it, it was 2 AM and I had just read this riveting book.” — Lana Turner

“I personally feel this series is far superior to others in its class with original plots and ideas. These are the kind of books that hopefully will be an “overnight sensation” with everyone wondering how they missed them for so long!
Now stop reading my review, get a copy for yourself and begin a wonderful experience!”– Cowboy Poet