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Get ready to meet a new creature in the making! Don’t miss out on this exciting story.

Saundra Wright

What will he sacrifice for the love of his siblings?

Rufus has been taking care of his younger brother and sister for most of his life. It’s them against the world. Always has been and that’s fine with him.

Until they get scooped up in a raid and sold to a laboratory.

Maybe, he should be thankful for having a warm, dry place to sleep at night. The food’s good too, but the smells and sounds…It’s enough to make him miss the streets.

Something’s not right with this place and the shots they’re being given are changing them, cell by cell.

He needs to get them all out of there and fast. His sister is pregnant and none of them have any idea what these shots are going to do to them or her baby.

“In this 4th trip to Professor Conguise’s lab, L. S. O’Dea takes the reader even deeper into the horror that is the fifth floor. This is a complicated tale filled with love and loyalty to family as well as characters so foul, the stench of their evilness permeates the air. This is storytelling at it’s best. It immerses the reader into the hearts and minds of the characters, both the good and the bad. The authors insight into the emotions and fears of the once human lab specimens is riveting. The imagery and settings are superb, giving the reader a sense of unnerving reality. The intensity of the story grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let you go. Each turn of the page keeps the reader on the edge of his seat. Even though this is a sci-fi/horror book, it is definitely thought provoking. Although horrifying, one can’t help but wonder could something like this ever happen in real life? The technology to do so may already be right at our fingertips.” — Norma Jeanne