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“An even better read than Escape. There is more action, sometimes gory action. The transition from one characters point of view to another is one of the best I’ve read.”


Having discovered the horrible fate of her kind, Trinity has left her family behind and is fleeing from the Almightys. Her friends have promised to help her, but they don’t know that her blood holds a secret that some in power want revealed and others want destroyed.

Hugh Truent, an Almighty, learns that Trinity is a product of the mating of two different classes which is impossible, but if it’s true, it’s the discovery of a lifetime. He must catch her before she is destroyed, but someone will stop at nothing to ensure he fails, putting his life and the lives of those he loves in danger.

“Once again, the Author delivers a fantastic read!!! This is a MUST read!!!”  — Romorror Fan Girl

“The different species or classes are something utterly new and remarkable to me in the genre.”  –Ana Silva

“Okay, two down. Three to go. I’m worn out. Once I start one of these, it’s hard to put down, even to eat or sleep–and there is always work.” — PRBC