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I really love this series of books. Gripping, original plots with twists and turns impossible to guess what will happen next.

Wendy L.
The War will end.
Choices will be made.
Secrets will be revealed.
And whispers from the past will cloud the present and shape the future.

Jethro wants one thing—revenge. Trinity must pay for her betrayal. His body screams for what she denied him and his blood roars to possess her. She was born in his camps. She belongs to him, body and soul, and nothing will stop him from capturing her.

Uncovered atrocities at the lab send Hugh fleeing from the estate and into the nightmare of all that has happened while he’s been away. While searching for Trinity he discovers powerful secrets from the past and is given a prophecy that will guide his future.

Trinity has lost the boy of her dreams and the man of her future. She must fight to win not only the war but the life she deserves with the man she wants.

In this gripping continuation of the riveting Lake of Sins series, the war does end and secrets from the earlier books are revealed, while more gruesome discoveries are unveiled.

“I have read all 5 books and they just keep getting better and better.The author is amazing these books are amazing I can not put them down. I read a lot of books from Amazon and so far these are the best by far. I can’t wait for book 6 to come out. I hope it’s soon.”– Larry

Lake of Sins is one of my most favorite or items book series, I can’t get enough other them! Keep them coming.” — C. Keys