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Coming soon….

Here’s where I’ll keep you up-to-date on what I’m currently working one and what’s coming after that.

I’m always working on several books at once. Sometimes those characters just keep chattering in my head until I have to write some of what they’re saying down so I can sleep.


I’m currently editing Machinations (working title). This is the sixth book in the Lake of Sins series.

The war is over but new troubles have arisen in the world of the Lake of Sins and everyone has an agenda.

After Machinations, I’ll continue with the Lake of Sins series until it’s finished.

I anticipate probably three more books – definitely two.

The only break I may take is a holiday short story. I wrote it last year at Christmas and may take some time to edit it and release it in December.

I’ll post more about that later.

After Lake of Sins, I’ll be finishing the Fracturing Realms series.