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“Hold on to your seat, this is a wild ride through a dystopian future.” – Holly M.
“This entire series is awesome. As good and addicting as Hunger Games.” — Polestar
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"One of the best books I've ever read and I've read tens of thousands of books."

Vicky J.

This author’s stories aren’t just books.
They’re a whole new world that sucks you inside and changes who you are.


Always original

Fresh ways of looking at the world

Books that explode across genres and appeal to all ages.

Experience for yourself that sometimes the monsters aren’t really the monsters after all.

“This is the most awesome horror story I have ever read and it is because this author is such an awesome writer.” — Dr. Patricia E.

about A Demon’s Gift

“Once again, enter the world of Guards, Servants and Almightys, follow the twisted schemes and dreams of the characters as they struggle for survival in a world that could only spring from the mind of L. S. O’Dea.” — CowboyPoet

About the Lake of Sins Series

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“This book along with the others, will also give you a peek into another mind, the strange and wonderful mind of the author, L.S. O’Dea.” — Norma Jeanne

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