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L. S. O’Dea

What to tell you about myself?

I’m not nearly as interesting as my stories.

My life is quite dull in comparison (thank goodness).

I am the youngest of seven, raised in an Irish-German, Catholic household.

I grew up during a time when there were no personal computers, no video games and cartoons were only on Saturday mornings.

This lack of entertainment meant we had to entertain ourselves. I did so with reading. My siblings too although they often supplemented their entertainment by torturing me (LOL).

I was the youngest after all and between you and me, I was (still am) a little odd.

Here’s a blog post detailing one of the games they used to play.

They called me Goose.

There will definitely be more. 🙂  it’s time I rat-out my siblings.

What else about me?

Well, I love animals. Always have. I currently have four dogs and seven cats. All former strays. They’re a pain but I love them.

I love writing – but that should be obvious. It’s a lot of work and I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

I also love Pepsi. I’m addicted to that stuff.

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