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Betrayed Excerpt

Everyone wants Glick and his friends dead - even the earth itself.


TRINITY STOPPED RUNNING. THE Producer Encampment was up ahead, but something didn’t feel right. She climbed a tree and studied the area. Everything looked okay but Gaar and Mirra had taught her that her survival instinct was strong. If she listened to it, she’d be fine. She moved to another tree a little closer to the camp. There was movement in the brush. It was Travis. He was almost at the fence line. Stuart wasn’t around but that wasn’t unusual. It wasn’t safe for him to wait at the fence, so he’d wander past the area until he saw Travis.

The wind picked up a little. She shifted to catch the breeze. Guards were nearby. Her heart started racing, but she couldn’t let panic set in. She scanned the area again, slower this time. Three Guards were making their way through the forest toward Travis. If she yelled to warn him the Guards would hear and Travis would never outrun them. She had to get him out of there without tipping off the Guards. She steadied her breathing and studied the Guards. They were spreading out to surround Travis which left small openings between them. If she moved fast she could get to Travis before the Guards. She dropped to the ground and darted through the brush. She zipped through the forest, making sure to stay hidden in the vegetation, but the Guards must’ve seen or heard her for they started moving faster, no longer trying to be quiet.

“Travis! Run! It’s a trap,” she yelled.

Travis turned in her direction, eyes wide.

“Go! Now!” She stopped and spun around, spear and knife in her hands. He’d get caught if he didn’t move. “I’ll catch up.”

A large, male Guard skidded to a halt in front of her. “Take it easy. We aren’t going to hurt you.”
Another Guard lunged out of the bushes to her right. She jumped, kicking him in the face. He hit the ground, unconscious, but a live enemy was a future threat. She raised her spear to end his life when the other two Guards rushed her. Travis rammed into one, sending him flying through the air as she hit the other one upside the head with the side of her spear.

She shoved Travis. “Run, you idiot.”

“I’m not leaving you.”

“We don’t have time to argue.” There were noises in the bushes. More Guards were coming. “Please. Just go!” She moved toward the unconscious Guards, to make sure they’d never hunt again.

“I’m not leaving without you.” Travis grabbed her arm, dragging her into the bushes.

She could’ve freed herself and killed the Guards, but it would’ve wasted time they didn’t have, especially since Travis wouldn’t keep going. She sheathed her knife and slid her spear into her quiver as they raced through the forest. They were moving fast, but they were being followed. She couldn’t tell how many were chasing them but it sounded like more than three. She shoved Travis into some thicker brush. “Go. I’ll find you later.”

“No. I’m not a coward.” He had that stubborn look on his face that she knew too well.

“Then you’d better move.” She took off running. He tromped along behind her but he couldn’t keep up and that meant he was slowing her down. She stopped. “They’re gaining on us. We need to split up.”
“What? No.”

“We have to. Trust me. It’s our only chance.” She gave him a gentle shove. “You go that way.” She turned and ran in the other direction.

She stopped after a few feet and crept back through the brush. Travis stood there for a moment before taking off in the direction she’d told him to go. She waited. He’d never outrun the Guards, but she could. The only problem was making sure they followed her and not him. Her hands trembled as she moved out of the vegetation, making herself completely visible and vulnerable.

A few minutes later four Guards burst through the bushes, eyes gleaming when they saw her. Three of them were the ones she’d already fought and they looked eager to catch her. She should’ve taken the extra few minutes to kill them. She turned to run in the opposite direction from where Travis had gone and slammed into something large and hard. Strong hands grabbed her shoulders steadying her.
“I got you.” Jethro smiled down at her.

She stared up into his blue eyes. She’d forgotten how mesmerizing his smile could be.

“Find the male,” he ordered. “Don’t hurt him, but bring him back before he warns the others.”

“Jethro, let us go. Please.” She hated to beg, but this was Jethro. He’d been her friend once. He couldn’t have changed that much.

“Oh Little One, I wish I could.” He started leading her back toward the encampment.

The four Guards took off after Travis. There was no way he’d evade them.

“Then take me. Let Travis go. Please.”

“What kind of a deal is that? I already have you.” His eyes traveled down her body.

Her claws came out. That’s what he thought. She spun toward him, the heel of her hand connecting under his chin and snapping back his head. His grip loosened. She slashed his arm, yanked free and raced off into the bushes after Travis.

“Gruntshit,” he yelled and then he was after her.

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