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"BEST HORROR STORY I HAVE EVER READ! Absolutely incredible. I have never read a horror story or book that made me smile like this did. I was glued to the story."

Norma Jeanne

Iatee the Punishment Spirit is powerful, deadly and currently, a stuffed teddy bear.

He and the gods haven’t seen eye-to-eye on punishment, justice and killing for a long, long time.

The gods want a kinder, gentler demon but Iatee won’t change, so the gods have punished him.

For decades his spirit has been confined to one toy after another but the gods are finally giving him a chance. All he has to do is make one child love him and he’ll be free.

His dreams are shattered when he’s gifted to a child as payment for a vile act. Can he make her love him and save her from the horror of her life without sacrificing his freedom?

“I absolutely loved this book, was surprised at the depth that went into it and the introspection through which Latee finally saw his own failures. The way such a difficult topic is tackled is brilliant. He did give the child a gift but I think he gave himself an even bigger one in the end!! Wow, what a brilliant read!” — Lana Turner

” I can only hope that this is a start to another series by her talented and brilliant (possibly slightly warped, lol) imagination. Bravo for another great story, a must read even if you haven’t read anything else she has written.” — Cowboy Poet