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Breaking the Brush Men

For Glick and his friends, it’s them against the world.

Literally. There’s no food. The ground is toxic. The water is filled with burning chemicals. And the humans want Glick and his kind destroyed.

They’re weak, hungry and scared but they have each other.

Will that be enough for them to survive when everyone is trying to kill them?

Book three in the Chimera Chronicles is a stand-alone dystopian, genetic engineering story about human-animal hybrids. It’s urban fantasy/science fiction that tells the story of love and friendship, strength and weakness, and cowardice and bravery. Whether you’re an animal rights activist or just love your pets, this book will make you root for those in the laboratory.


“Once again fans are treated to a trip to the dystopian world of Lake of Sins. Another one of the genetic manipulated species has their origins revealed.”  — Cowboy Poet

“Breaking The Brush-Men is a book that grabs you right from the start. It takes you into their world and keeps you there. This third book in the series is a bit different from the other Conguise Chronicles books, but is just as intriguing, just as exciting, and just as thought-provoking as the first two, Rise Of The Riverman and Feeding Fersia. This is storytelling at it’s best. It has a fascinating plot that keeps the reader captivated from start to finish. The imagery and setting are superb. The depth of the characters, both human and and nonhuman are extraordinarily dynamic and at times, spine tingling. If you have wondered what it would be like to be in the mind of an alien species, you need wonder no longer.” — Norma Jeanne