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Leaving Level Five

McBrid hates his job.

He hates what he did to Fersia and the others and what he has to continue to do, because he can’t quit. The only way to leave Level Five is through the belly of a beast.

And with Charlie and Glick’s interference, that might just be McBrid’s fate.

Read the exciting culmination of Feeding Fersia, Breaking the Brush Men and Rage of Rattus Norvegicus.

Who lives? Who dies? And who gets to leave Level Five?

Book five in the Chimera Chronicles is a stand-alone dystopian, genetic engineering story about human-animal hybrids. It’s urban fantasy/science fiction that’ll make you question who the real monsters are. Whether you’re an animal rights activist or just love your pets, this book will make you root for those in the laboratory.

“LS O’Dea has outdone herself in this book because she not only gave us the horror of level five in the Conguise laboratories which the rest of the Chronicles had given us, but this time round she has given us a real heart wrencher which had me crying for a large part of the book. It is a book which is full of tension from start to finish and wow what a finish!” — Lana Turner

” This is a refreshingly different, and wonderful book, as are all works by this skilled author. It is well-written, exciting, and fun to read. There is terror that keeps you on the edge of your seat, as well as kindness and friendship you would never expect. It keeps you turning page after page until their are no more pages to turn, and then a sigh of contentment mixed with disappointment escapes your lips because the last page in this wonderful book has been turned.” — Norma Jeanne