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L. S. O'Dea has become one of my favorite authors. This series is fantastic! Now I just need more....


The war is over, but predators hunt the city streets.

The Allied Classes may have won the war, but there are new problems to solve.

With Producers officially off the menu and refusing to go back to the encampments, food is scarce.

Homelessness and violence are taking over the city, and they still need to discover who is trafficking young Servants and Guards.

But monsters lurk in the shadows of the city and to catch them sacrifices must be made.

“Incredible! A welcome return to the Lake of Sins series. L.S. O’Dea’s world creation is flawless; the tension palpable and the anxiety very real. Impressive writing – you know this story is going to blow you away when you reach the end of the first chapter and realize how much a new character has already hooked you in within a few pages.” — Suze Prescott

“I loved this long awaited sixth book in one of my favorite series. At face value this is a great SciFi fantasy. Underlying is a message of unity that touches the world. As typical of this author I find it difficult to predict from one book to the next where her intricate plots will lead. Join the fun today and find out.” – Bookbub  slwright55555

“The Lake of Sins series has always been dark but this, book 6 which incidentally we have long been waiting for, gets even darker and so worth the wait. The allies have won the war and Hugh is doing his utmost to bring peace and acceptance between all races, but the battle is far from over as poverty, food shortages and violence run rampant and there is a black market ring which is stealing organs from both servants and guards, wreaking havoc and bringing fear to the lower classes. Producers should no longer be considered meat, yet a massacre was carried out whereby it was obvious that someone still saw them as such. Jethro is still after Trinity and hates Hugh with a vengeance for taking her from him, whilst Hugh is extremely jealous and insecure when the latest crimes call for the need for Trinity and Jethro to work together to uncover who is behind the evil threatening to end the peace the uprising aimed for. Both Hugh and Trinity are in the limelight and apart from Conguise there seem to be others plotting against them. Furthermore it seems that the Accipitor, some people had claimed to have seen stealing and tearing victims apart, is very real and can only be the work of one man. This book kept me riveted till the last line, it is a dark and scary read and very riveting.” — Lana

“This series has been a favorite of mine for years at this point. This is the 6th installment with the story line continuing to forge ahead while not lagging in keeping the reader’s interest. I was one of the few who was provided with a Beta copy for input so was able to get that sneak peek ahead of time. I would recommend reading the rest of the series’ first starting with Escape, as with all series jumping into the middle of a storyline often is not as satisfying. There is also a companion series the author writes that parallels this series if you want to get further input on some of the characters. They are also great reads, but not necessary to read for this series and vice versa.” — Patrick