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I need more of these books.. Like yesterday.. Brilliant series my new favourite author. I've now read everything she's written and I want more!!

Wendy L.

For his entire life, Mutter has been unwanted and unloved until he meets Sweet.

She’s all that matters. The only one he’s ever loved but can he keep her safe from those who hunt him?

Sweet has been living alone since her friend died years ago. Nothing but silence and indifference to keep her company until Mutter stumbles into her life—large, hungry, dangerous and as lonely as she is.

Now, she’ll do anything to stay with him, even sacrifice herself.

A love story as brilliant and tragic as Romeo and Juliet.

“A thriller with monsters? Yes. Evil men? Yes But even more this is a romance that hits on the essence of love. I became quickly entranced by this story and was an hour beyond my usual bedtime before I forced myself to quit for the night. I had to finish it as soon as I was able to the next day. I anxiously await the next volume of the series and I highly recommend this book to you.” — doctorg13

“This was my 1st time reading the horror genre & I can honestly say it truly exceeded my expectations. The twist of it being based on the view from the creature was fantastic, found myself emotionally conflicted at times, I thoroughly enjoyed this book & it has convinced me that the horror genre has more then “scares” to it.” — Jacqueline Chambo