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Chimeras aren’t born; they’re created.

The attack is inevitable.

Those who tried to destroy them with The Great Death will try again.

They must be prepared.

Their enemies are experts in war and guns.

They must create new weapons.

Weapons the enemy won’t expect and can’t fight.

Weapons that will hunt and kill on command.

Biological weapons.

Human-Animal Hybrids



More fierce than any gun or human.

But they didn’t anticipate the hatred.

The scientists didn’t expect the hybrids to remember who they were and what had been done to them.

But they do and they want revenge.

This is a totally unique take on the ethics of genetic tinkering and the unexpected and terrifying results. Ms O’Dea is a word craftier of great talent. If you read one series of books this year, this is the one you’ll want!

Cheryl S.