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Coming soon….

Here’s where I’ll keep you up-to-date on what I’m currently working one and what’s coming after that.

I’m always working on several books at once. Sometimes those characters just keep chattering in my head until I have to write some of what they’re saying down so I can sleep.


The Black Market

Lake of Sins Book Seven

I’m currently editing The Black Market (working title). This is the seventh book in the Lake of Sins series.

Discover who is the Black Market Butcher and let’s not forget about the giant bird-creature that’s hunting the streets. Will they catch her? Kill her? And what about the other missing experiments from Conguise’s lab? Where are they and will they escape as well?

After The Black Market, there will be one more book and then the Lake of Sins series will be finished.

I’m also working on Fracturing Realms series.

Fracturing Realms.

When the Weave is torn, magic escapes.

I decided to review the first book in The Fracturing Realms series. This is the story that I wrote several years ago that was supposed to be released in a box set. Unfortunately, that fell through and this story has just been sitting on my computer.

I plan on releasing this book this year. It’s full of magic, nature, betrayal, and dragons. I love dragons.