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Home VS Office – today, the office won.

COVID-19 Shelter In Place Day Five

I LOVE working from home.

I actually get more work done in the quiet of my house than our busy office.

If I could, I’d continue to work from home but…

Today, I found a good reason to go to the office (I didn’t but I seriously wanted to).

Dog farts.

Yep. Charlie had the toots.

He didn’t have to poop. Trust me, I gave him many chances but every time I took him outside, he just stared at me, wagging his tail.

So, instead I had to sit in my home office wrinkling my face and giving him dirty looks which he slept through.

I’ll give you one guess where Charlie laid all day.

Yep, right next to me.

I’ll try and remember this when I’m told to start reporting to work again. Maybe, it’ll make it a little less painful (I really, really love working from home) but I doubt it.

Unless that was a constant smell, it’s still better to stay home. Plus, I could always try the clothespin on the nose (not really, have you ever done that? It hurts!)

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