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I Went Out Today

COVID-19 Shelter In Place Day Four

Work went well today.

My cats behaved themselves. They’ve learned not to mess with me. I’m the boss.

Yeah, right.

They only behaved because I rearranged everything last night so they had their new favorite “spots” free and clear of my keyboard and mouse.

But the big news today is that I went to the store. I go outside twice a day and exercise but I haven’t been out of my yard since last Friday. I know that’s not too long, but remember, you still need to drive your car or you’re going to have issues (so says my mechanic).

I was running low on bologna for my dogs’ breakfast (I feed them a bologna sandwich every morning. And no, they aren’t spoiled at all).

And that meant a trip to the store.

I showered and got dressed in my apocalypse outfit.

No, that’s not right. I haven’t taken archery lessons yet so I had to change.

Closer, but I’ve only every used a shot gun, nothing like this bad boy.

Yep, this is more like it except no mask.

To be honest, I truly think I already had this bug. I was sick a few weeks back. Low grade fever with a horribly sore throat. I’m talking sore like I’ve never had before. I actually thought I might have throat cancer or something – it was that bad.

Anyway, I went to Aldi’s first. They have the cheapest bologna. And because my life just rolls this way, as soon as I drove into the parking lot my one eye started watering. I was fine all day.


No cough. No sniffles. Nothing.

I wipe my eye but it just keeps watering. I grab my quarter and get out of my car. I see a young woman who’s almost done unloading her cart. I walk over and say, “I’ll trade you,” while holding my quarter out to her.

She takes one look at my watery eyes and her face gets this look of horror that she quickly tries to hide and says, “You can keep your quarter,” while pushing the cart toward me.

So, if money is tight take some pepper or better yet cut jalapenos with your bare hands, drive to Aldi’s and then touch your eye before offering to take someone’s cart. I bet you’ll also get to keep the quarter.

Have you had any weird experiences during this crazy event? I’d love to hear them.


  1. Debbie Clark says:

    What is the quarter for??

    1. Linda Odea says:

      You must not have any Aldi’s in your area. LOL. The store moderates cost by removing some things such as bags. You either have to bring your own or buy them. They also don’t supply baggers or anyone to collect carts from the parking lot. So, to use a cart, you have to put a quarter in to “unlock” it from the other carts. If you want your quarter back, you have to return the cart to the front of the store and lock it with the others – thus releasing your quarter. 🙂 Weird but it works.

    2. Linda Odea says:

      sorry, I meant to reply and started a new comment. lol

  2. Patrick S Titterington says:

    Well, they just ordered a shelter in place, no travel in or out of town, because the big metropolis of Marshall, TX just got our first confirmed case. I’m sure there will be shots fired around here if this continues very long, as this town hasn’t had much in the line of food in the stores for a couple weeks now. Idiots galore in charge. I agree too, that before testing started there were a lot of symptomatic people running around including my son, but they all got better. Mountains out of mole hills. More people have died from the flu this year than confirmed cases of corona virus in this country. But that tends to be repressed….

    1. Linda Odea says:

      I do worry about this one though. When looking at the death rates in Italy, Spain and China, it’s not good. And many folks died because the hospitals are overrun. That, to me, is the really sad part. If they could’ve had the sick trickle in more could’ve been saved. Take care of yourself out there and keep the shotgun handy. I know mine is. 🙂

      1. Patrick Titterington says:

        One thing to remember about Italy; they made the decision to not “waste resources” on anyone over 60. It’s also a country where a very large segment of the population smokes like chimneys. England is also a country where for years the elderly receive limited care in the best of times. Personal case there, had a relative there who was denied dialysis due to his age, very healthy except kidneys started going.
        Numbers continue to show drastically lower numbers of expected fatalities than originally thought.

        1. Linda Odea says:

          I did know about Italy deciding to triage their patients. I didn’t know about the regular poor care that they get in good times. Such a shame.

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